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Key Ways to Train Your Team on Zero Budget

Using creativity to train your team.

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Best Way To Help? Be A Good Listener

How many times do we see managers telling an employee the same thing over and over only to have the employee do something completely different? How many employees have to come to HR to complain that their manager never listens to them?

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4 Ways To Achieve Growth: Messy and Painful

Whenever things are going well, you’re not being stretched. It feels great in the moment to be in control and have things fall into place. In fact, it’s that state that most people strive for. The problem is that no one ever learns from doing everything well.

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How To Train Your Team On Zero Budget

If employees are not offered continuing development, they will not:

feel valued
be able to provide creative, innovative results
grow their skills so they can progress to the next level in the organization

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Training Programs: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A balanced training program should address both sides of the skill deficiency or issue in order to really help provide a change in behaviors, thus a change in culture.

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Using Robotic Technology To Understand Work Behavior

Much like a simulator for pilots, creating a simulated work experience for leadership roles could actually help train and prepare more junior staff for roles they are working toward.

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Human Predators & Personal Safety While Walking or Jogging

Human predators operate in much the same way. Their ideal target too exhibits the three elements that make them “a victim looking for a place to happen”; lack of awareness of surroundings, predictability of schedule, and placing themselves alone in an isolated environment.

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Do-It-Yourself Tools for Leaders

Using the idea of a do-it-yourself deck, I’d love to create a tool for leaders so they could pull out a card, a recipe of sorts, to find ideas on how to handle situations that arise.

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