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Big Trends in HR Technology 2014 and Beyond

Today I’m sharing the presentation slides from a Human Resource Executive Magazine webinar that I co-presented yesterday along with Steve Boese.

The title of the presentation is Big Trends in HR Technology 2014 and Beyond.  While these kinds of ‘trends’ talks tend to focus on ‘trends’ that are really just far-future kinds of speculation or are simply repeats of ideas that have been talked about for some time, Steve and I tried to keep the talk grounded in research and the actual experiences of many of the leading organizations that will be part of the upcoming HR Technology Conference in October.

You can check out the slides below or this direct link.

Top 5 Points from the Webinar

1. There are 3 dimensions for potential impact of HR tech – organizational, managerial, and individual – and the most successful HR tech projects resonate and add value at all 3 levels

2. The key organizational decision drivers for the replacement of HR technology vary depending on the type of HR tech. For Core HR systems, better integration is the primary driver. For talent management however, User Experience tops the list.

3. Selecting the ‘right’ HR technology solution involves an analysis and balance of 5 factors: Cost/ROI, Technological fit, Cultural fit, system capability/roadmap, and complexity/UX.

4. For both Core HR and for Talent Management tech, an increased demand for better integration across the HR systems footprint, as well as with other corporate systems is driving investment and the attention of corporate leaders.

5. We are not really talking as much about ‘mobile’ or ‘social’ as discrete concepts, but rather a more comprehensive idea of ‘User Experience’, at its many levels, will increasingly influence systems development, purchase decisions, and user adoption rates, (and therefore, ROI).

Thanks to Human Resource Executive, webinar sponsor Castlight Health and Brandon Hall Group.

Little Training, Big Regrets in HR Technology

I recently completed a survey on HR Systems.  In this KnowledgeGraphic based on Brandon Hall Group’s 2014 HR Technology survey, the biggest regret among organizations that implemented new technology was not allocating more time for training. Respondents see the need for more focus and rigor around training, not only for end-users.

Full KnowledgeGraphic available for download here.

HR Tech Training-Photo

 – See more at: http://www.brandonhall.com/blogs/hr-technology-little-training-big-regrets-knowledgegraphic/#sthash.vBy4pNtq.dpuf

#HRHappyHour 186 – A Look Back, A Look Forward

On our most recent HR Happy Hour Show, Steve and I talked about the recently concluded SHRM Annual Conference, shared some information about our session about HR Technology selection and evaluation, and looked back over the last few years of the HR Happy Hour Show.

You can listen to the show on the show page here, or using the widget player below:

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The mid-year timing made it a good time to reflect back a little on some of our favorite shows, as well as talk about what the rest of 2014 has in store for the show. Also, new listeners to the HR Happy Hour Show can spend some time digging back through the show archives and play on-demand some of the shows that Steve and Trish mentioned, including ones with guests like Dave UlrichSherry TurkleMatt Stillman‘Live from Gettysburg’, and plenty more.

Additionally, you can subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Show on iTunes, or for Android device users, from a free app called Stitcher Radio. In both cases just search for ‘HR Happy Hour’ and add the show to your podcast subscription list. 

This was a fun look back and look forward for us, so we hope you enjoy it as well. Stay tuned, (and make sure you subscribe to the show/podcast) for more fun to come in the second half of the year.

#HRTechConf 2014: Technology in Sin City

HR Technology ConferenceIt’s that time of year when you start planning on whether or not you’ll attend any fall conferences or events.  For me, one of my favorite events each year is the HR Technology Conference.  I’ve been attending since 2009 and can attest to the great amount of learning that takes place as I wrote about in these posts:

I’m excited that the agenda is now posted for the 2014 event that takes place October 7- 10 in Las Vegas.  I’ll be leading a session with some of the top CHROs in the technology space.  I also have several of my Brandon Hall Group colleagues leading sessions as well.  I know that if you have any interest in gaining knowledge about HR and technology, this event will not disappoint.

The best part is that as a speaker, I have a discount code to share with you.  If you use the code SPKR14 (needs to be entered in CAPS) that gives a $550 discount off of the full conference rate of $1,945 – so the net is $1,395. This code does not expire.

So, come see me in October and connect with Brandon Hall Group at the HR Technology Conference!


More HR Technology Knowledge Needed for Future HR Leaders

Sometimes ideas have to sit with me for a while in order to really have an impact.  I had this happen recently while attending Oracle HCM World.  While there, I was hearing from many seasoned leaders in the HR industry and it struck me that while I know about technology and the importance for HR leaders, many practitioners do not.

What is worse is my fear that HR technology is still not a major focus for college students studying to be our future HR leaders.  In the 1990s I obtained a MA in HR Management but was not required to take any coursework on HR technology. Not much has changed today.

So, what’s one way to vent about my issue with the state of HR education today?  Turn to Twitter, of course.

Twitter Trish ScreenShot


A good friend and colleague, Dr. Matthew Stollak, replied and then wrote a blog post following our Twitter exchange.  Dr. Stollak shared that according to a 2013 SHRM Survey of 372 HR faculty (out of 1,723 invited to participate) backed this up, with 61% of faculty citing Human Resource Information Systems was a perceived deficiency in HR training offered to undergraduate HR students (Risk Management, and Mergers and Acquisitions were the 2nd and 3rd cited deficiencies).

– See the rest of my article at Human Resources Today.

HR Happy Hour 177- Analyze This!

Recorded Monday, March 3, 2014

hr happy hourRecently, on the HR Happy Hour ShowSteve Boese and I sat down with Mike Cooke, Chairman and CEO of Brandon Hall Groupand welcomed him to the show.  Since I joined Brandon Hall Group as the VP of HR Practice/ Principal Analyst, this seemed like the opportune time to discuss what analyst firms do and how HR leaders can be helped by the advisory services they provide in addition to the research.  In this episode, we talked about some of the upcoming research Brandon Hall Group is working on as well as the recently launched HR Systems Survey.

You can listen to the show on the show page here, or using the widget player below. Addtionally for you smartphone addicts, you can get the show on Apple’s iTunes or for Android devices, using an app called Stitcher Radio. In both cases just search for “HR Happy Hour” to download the show and to subscribe to the podcast.

More Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Steve Boese on BlogTalkRadio

Thanks for listening.



9 Tips For Providing a Better Vendor Demo

*From the dusty archives…

If you’ve worked in the business world for any length of time, no doubt you’ve experienced sitting through vendor demos at some point.  Sometimes, the very idea of using new software is so attractive it masks the boring aspects of the demo.  Other times, if you’re talking with a number of vendors, it becomes a time consuming chore to sit through all the demos and you find your mind wandering as the salesperson drones on and on.

I was in that position this week.

With that in mind, I pulled together 9 tips that will lead to greater success and engagement with potential clients:

  • Don’t talk over the client-  This should go without saying, but salespeople do this all the time.  Just because you are using a go-to meeting, skype or other online tool, make sure you are allowing the client time to speak and ask questions.
  • Plan in advance who will cover each slide-  It appears disorganized if there are multiple presenters and you speak over each other or if you put the next slide up and no one speaks.
  • Don’t use acronyms unless you describe them-  Assuming the potential client knows your industry lingo is arrogant.  Best not to use the acronyms.
  • Ask questions-  Build them into your presentation in order to engage the client.  This could be through polls or other types of voting.
  • Don’t use small font-  Make sure that if you have words on a slide that the client can read it.  If your font is too small, you’ll frustrate and lose the potential client.
  • Put the name of your company on every slide-  Better yet, add your name or the company Twitter handle to every slide in the header or footer.  Once you’re sitting in your 3rd or 4th demo, it’s easy to forget which company you’re reviewing.
  • Use alternative presentation options-  Stand out from your competition by getting creative with Prezi or Sliderocket.
  • Tailor your presentation to the country of the client’s organization-  If your company is headquartered in another country, convert your information to the client’s country.  This includes units of measure or currency.  Don’t make the potential client try to convert the number as you’re presenting.

The final tip is the most important….Ask for the business!

HR Systems Survey- Please Weigh In Today

11298667-brandon-hall-groupDear Friends,

Today marks the start of my 7th week at Brandon Hall Group.  It’s been a whirlwind of research prep, writing, vendor briefings and travel.  I am loving every minute.  The role is so different from that of a HR leader though, and in one important way- project completion.  It seemed as though when working as a HR leader there are these projects that drag on for months or years and now as an industry analyst and practice leader, it all seems to move more quickly.  This brings me to the topic of today’s post…. my first survey with Brandon Hall.

If you’re in the HR industry, you’ll already know there are many different surveys out there around various aspects of human resources.  One challenge for me was deciding on an aspect of HR and technology to explore that will bring a different perspective than what has already been offered.  Thus is born the 2014 HR Systems Survey.

This survey focuses in on the core HR systems that organizations purchase and use.  Further, it adds in detail around how they are selected and implemented and this information will be extremely helpful to practitioners.  HR professionals are often never trained on how to select and implement HR technologies.  My hope is that this research will enable me to aid HR leaders in making decisions and also to learn more about how to purchase and then implement the solutions.

If you are a HR leader or practitioner who works with your organization’s core HRIS, I encourage you to take the survey and share it with any other HR leaders you know.  By increasing the number of respondents, we will all benefit.

Once complete, you’ll receive the future results of the survey.  You’ll also receive the Brandon Hall Group report Performance and Teams: A Team Maturity Model.  Additionally, if you’re one of the first 300 respondents to complete all the questions, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an Apple gift card equivalent to the cost of an iPad Mini.  Alternatively, if you enter the drawing but can’t or don’t want to accept the prize, Brandon Hall Group will donate an equal amount to a charity of your choice on your behalf.

Please participate today.

Thank you,