Oracle “Human Talks” Episode 3: Guest, Matthew Jurosek

H3 HR Advisors is excited to share a new video series we have in partnership with Oracle.  Human Talks is a show where we talk to HCM practitioners, analysts, and Oracle partners.  Each episode is approximately 5 minutes, so well worth your time in hearing what is happening in the world of HCM.  These episodes were recorded at HCM World 2016.

Please check out our third episode with Matthew Jurosek.  Matt is a Sales Engineer for Workforce Software.  Workforce Software  provides tailored solutions to empower enterprise and mid‐sized organizations to fully automate time, labor, and workforce scheduling processes, simplify absence management, and enable strategic business insight.

We talked to Matt about working with technology in union environments.  Being able to track absence compliance and all of the types of leaves are examples of the complexity that they help organizations deal with.  Check it out! Also, be sure to connect with Oracle and Workforce Software.

Thank you for watching.  Be sure to visit the Oracle site for more information about Oracle and HCM World 2017.

Oracle “Human Talks” Show: Guest, Brent Skinner

H3 HR Advisors is excited to share a new video series we have in partnership with Oracle.  Human Talks is a show where we talk to HCM practitioners, analysts, and Oracle partners.  Each episode is approximately 5 minutes, so well worth your time in hearing what is happening in the world of HCM.  These episodes were recorded at HCM World 2016.

Please check out the first episode with one of our favorite industry analysts, Brent Skinner, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research.  Brent shares information on what their research is uncovering about performance management and learning and the impact from HCM technology.  He also touches on how predictive analytics plays out in the workplace.  Be sure to connect with Brent and Nucleus Research to learn more.


Thank you for watching.  Be sure to visit the Oracle site for more information about Oracle and HCM World 2017.

#HRHappyHour 176- Big Bets for HR

Recorded live at Oracle HCM World – Thursday February 6, 2014

This is a fun and informative podcast that Steve Boese and I were able to record with Oracle’s Bertrand Dussert, VP of HR Transformation and one of the sharpest guys around when it comes to understanding modern HR, and the critical role of technology in that transformation to modern HR.

Current Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Steve Boese on BlogTalkRadio

Bertrand has led an exciting, varied career as an HR practitioner and executive, which sets him apart from many of the typical HR software company execs you’ll encounter. He knows the challenges that come with being an HR and business leader playing in the big leagues, and can lend this expertise and insight to the clients he works with in his role as a trusted advisor for Oracle.

In the show, we talked with Bertrand on some of the most interesting technological trends and the opportunities they will present – the ‘Big Bets for HR’ as it were. We hit upon wearable devices, the internet of things, predicitive analytics and more. And at every turn Bertrand helps us break down the topic and see what it all might mean for HR leaders in the future.

It was a really fun, lively, and quick 30 minutes or so, and I hope you take some time this week to check out the show.

Once again, you can listen to or download the show from the show page here, or from the iTunes store – just search the Podcasts section for ‘HR Happy Hour’. Android users – we have you covered too. Download a podcast app called Stitcher Radio and search for ‘HR Happy Hour’ and add the show to your list of favorites.

Thanks again to Bertrand and to everyone over at Oracle for making it possible to record the HR Happy Hour live and on site from Oracle HCM World.

HR Happy Hour: Oracle HCM World Preview~ Modern HR

This week on the HR Happy Hour ShowSteve Boese and I talked with Gretchen Alarcon, Vice President of Oracle HCM Strategy for Oracle, for an interesting and fun conversation about some of the most important challenges facing the modern HR leader and the organization as we head into 2014.  We discuss how advances in HCM technologies are helping organizations to meet those challenges and offer some ideas about some of the most intriguing HR and workplace technologies.

Additionally, Gretchen gave us a preview of the upcoming and inaugural Oracle HCM World event to be held February 4-6, 2014 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. At Oracle HCM World, there will be over 100 sessions featuring HR leaders, industry experts, and recognized thought leaders sharing their insights and experiences – all designed to help attendees improve emplopyee enagement, to provide new strategies for talent attraction, development, and retention, and to support professional networking and knowledge sharing.

You can listent to the show on the show page here, or using the widget player below. Addtionally for you smartphone addicts, you can get the show on Apple’s iTunes or for Android devices, using an app called Stitcher Radio. In both cases just search for “HR Happy Hour” to download the show and to subscribe to the podcast.

It was a fun and enlightening conversation with Gretchen.  Many thanks to her and the Oracle HCM team for joining us this week.

Note: This is the final show of 2013 – thanks as always for listening and Happy Holidays and we will see you in 2014!

Circle The Wagons- A HR Project For Us All

I need your help today.

I start this post by saying that Steve Boese has no idea I’m writing this.  If he did, he may try to dissuade me.  That said, I have far too much respect for him not to share this.  You see, my friend Steve is going through what many of us have experienced at some point in the last few years….a layoff.  And while not completely unexpected, he certainly didn’t think his company was going to lay off a group of leaders last Thursday.

To tell you the most important thing about Steve is to share that he has strong character and is the kind of guy that gets the job done. He received this devistating news just one day before HRevolution.  He could have decided not to come.  But he didn’t.  He held his head high and came to the event that he co-creates and spent time around the very group of people from our industry who “get” what he does. To quote the leaders in the HR Technology space:

“Steve, at the HR Technology Conference, we always cared about your “day job” because you are expert in running HR systems, especially from Oracle. Plus teaching others about it. Combine that with your social experience and media knowledge, and you’re one special guy.  We look forward to your being a panelist at this year’s event in Vegas, in addition to hosting an HRevolution session with Trish on our own program, after doing the full-tilt boogie HRevolution in our hotel on the Sunday afternoon before our opening reception.  In short, you are a Renaissance Man in my world.” Bill Kutik

“I’m confident that your next best opportunity will find you.” Naomi Bloom

Here’s what you need to know about Steve:

  • He has over 15 years experience implementing enterprise technologies for Human Resources, Recruiting, Finance and Distribution, including significant experience with Oracle E-business Suite Applications in numerous industries and locations. He’s served in a wide range of roles from team member, to team lead, to Project Manager.
  • Steve is an award winning Human Resources blogger, speaker, and host of the weekly HR Happy Hour radio show, a live call in show about HR, Talent Management, Recruiting and technology now entering its third full year.
  • Steve worked as a Applications Consultant for Oracle Corporation and has also owned a consulting company.
  • He is an Adjunct Instructor at RIT, teaching a Graduate course in Human Resources Technology.
  • Steve spends his free time as co-founder of the HRevolution event.  This is a progressive learning event for HR and business professionals that focuses on discussions around HR issues, technology, and media.  HRevolution is in it’s third year and Steve is one of the organizers of the event each year.

What We Can DO to help:

Each person who reads this blog has business contacts.  I ask you to think today of at least one person you can put Steve in contact with, one person you can pass his information to, one suggestion you can make to help Steve in his search.  One of the most important reasons to build our network is that when we’re in need, our community can circle the wagons.   Let’s do our part to help Steve today. His contact information is below.

Email –

LinkedIn –

Phone (585) 317-7492

Twitter – @SteveBoese