#CarnivalofHR: Scary Tales from HR

It’s that time of year where we typically think of witches, candy and what we’re going to use to spike the Halloween punch.  This year, it seems to be more about the widespread scary clown sightings.  That said, I’m still a fan of watching scary movies- the cheesier, the better.

With that in mind, I decided to have a scary theme for this month’s Carnival of HR.  Anyone who works in Human Resources knows that it can be scary from time to time.  We’ve all had employees that went a little crazy, situations that seemed to fall apart no matter how hard we tried to make them work, and technology that scared us to death.  I think I’ll start by sharing a “scary HCM” blast from the past that is still relevant today, then a few new posts from the industry influencers who will show you how scary it is out there in the trenches.  First up, my favorite video of China Gorman sharing HR Horror Stories with me.  Trust me, it’s good and even my hairstyle is scary!



Westworld has to be one of my favorite scary movies of all time.  Made in 1973, I can remember my Dad taking me to the movie theater to see this when I was a very little girl.  What was he thinking?!?  If you haven’t seen it, or haven’t watched in awhile, it’s a great story of how AI has gone horribly wrong.  It makes me think about employees being scared the robots will take their jobs.  We have two great posts that tackle this topic.  First up, Steve Boese hits us with We are Pretty Sure Robots Will Take All the Jobs- Just Not OUR Job.  As always, Steve backs this up with data.  Next up is Ben Plant from Navigo News.  He shares Is Your Job in Danger of Being Automated? Click through to see if your job makes the list!


One of my all time favorite scary movies is SAW and most of the sequels.  I’m a sucker for going to those movies alone to make it even more scary than having someone to grab.  What scares me the most about SAW is that the situations are all caused by things people should already know.  It’s when the person doesn’t pay attention to the information or situation that they end up in the evil, life-threatening devices created by a madman.  Along those lines, but hopefully not as severe in consequences, are people who don’t know how their company operates and makes money.  You’d be surprised how many employees, and leaders, do not fully understand the process.  Ben Eubanks from Lighthouse Research & Advisory gives us some insight to help keep the boogeyman away.  Oops! How Failing an Interview Question Taught Her About HR Strategy.

Sleeping With the Enemy

While not a true horror movie, Sleeping with the Enemy as a suspenseful thriller has always kept me on the edge of my seat.  The idea that someone you think you know or can trust is really a psychopath, or worse, is the stuff real nightmares are made of.  What if Julia Roberts’ character had checked her husband’s background before marrying him?  It may have turned out a whole different way.  How does this play out in the world of work?  Well, there is still a stir about how much we should research our candidates online before we make an offer.  Ben Plant at Navigo News shares 4 Things To Check in a Candidate’s Facebook Profile to provide some insight on just how far we should go to not hire that “enemy” candidate.

The Witch

Now, bear with me on this next comparison.  The Witch is one of the best made modern horror stories.  Set in the 1700’s in New England, it’s a story of a family that strikes out on their own to create a life and settlement.  At that time, witchcraft was one of the scariest things to those settlers and the movie captures how a very raw, basic way of life can be turned upside down by something very scary.  This brings us to Robin Schooling and her post HR and the Digital Bubble.  Robin shares stories of HR teams who are still forced to operate using archaic tools and how technology can be wanted, but feared.

The Temp and Pacific Heights

It almost goes without saying that any kind of movie that has a stalking dimension is scary.  Whether it was watching The Temp or Pacific Heights, the stories are similar in that people are not always as nice as they present themselves.  They do scary, creepy things.  Check out this post if you’ve ever considered the question, “Do You Know Who You Work With?


We’re almost to the end of the carnival and I may have saved the best for last.  What is a good scarefest without mention of Mike Myers and Halloween?  Maybe it was his scary white, expressionless face.  Maybe it was the way he moved slowly after his prey.  Either way, he epitomizes all the key elements of a good scary character.  And like many good scary stories, there are SO many chapters so you can get your fix.  Similarly, I decided there has to be some industry leader out there with enough scary content to make a series.  I found it!  Mike Haberman.

Now, if you know or follow Mike, he is one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet.  He’s also incredibly smart and intuitive and his writing is always the type that teaches lessons.  Check out these three we’ll call:

Halloween: A Story of Sexual Harassment and Bad HR

Halloween 2: Onionhead in the Workplace

Halloween 3: Bit By Generosity in Pay

So, there you have it! I hope you have as much fun reading these as I did.  Stay safe this Halloween!


Odds and Ends: January 21st, 2011

Here we are at another Friday and I think I like the idea of pulling together some great quick hits and bites of information.  So, here’s what’s happening this week:

  • I’m excited to be a guest on the DriveThru HR radio show on BlogTalk Radio today at noon CST.  Co-hosts Bryan Wempen and William Tincup kicked off the new year with a revamped show that focuses on HR practitioners and the issues that affect their day-to-day.  But, the show today is not special because I’m on it.  It will be special because my two fellow HR Business partners, Cathie Meyers and Terrie Hart, will be joining me as guests on the show. We’re three HR pros who mix strategic guidance with the operational and tactical skills our leaders need.
  • This week was HR Carnival week and host Mike Haberman did a fantastic job of grouping posts by personal growth vs. company growth.  If you haven’t checked out a carnival before, now’s the time because there really is some amazing writing being shared.  Grab your cup of coffee or Mountain Dew and click HERE to enjoy the good stuff.
  • Now’s the time to register for a couple great events
    • There are only 33 tickets remaining to HRevolution in Atlanta on April 30th.  Be sure to give the event a look HERE and sign up today.  This will be THE HR event of the year!
    • HR Executive Forum in NYC on March 14- 16.  Use code RING11 when registering for the Forum and you’ll receive $130 off the early bird rate. Both the early bird rate and the promo code will expire 2/25.  Click HERE to register.  Hope to see you there!
  • HR Executive Magazine is now taking nominations for 2011’s HR Rising Stars.  If you’re reading this blog you either work in HR or you are someone who has an HR department in your organization.  Take a moment to nominate an HR pro who has made things better.

Upcoming Carnival of HR- Game Changing Moments

I was flipping through channels recently and came across a movie I haven’t seen in a long time, The Family Man with Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the watch.  Nick Cage plays a Wall Street executive who has the best of everything.  But in getting there, he gave up life with the love of his life.  Something strange happens to him and he is suddently thrust into living what his world would be like if he had married her.  Now, he’s a tire salesman in the suburbs with two kids, a slobbery dog, and spends his time on a bowling league.  He’s scraping by.

The movie shows what we have all probably gone through at one time or another.  The review of our life and the what-could-have-beens.  We think about all those defining moments that made us who we are and that changed our path.  With that in mind, I’d like to propose a theme for the November 24th Carnival of HR…..

I’m going to host the Carnival of HR on 11/24 and I want to focus on “Game Changing” moments.

I’d like to hear about the turning point (or 2) in your personal or professional life that changed your path or set you on a course.  I know this writing exercise will be one that will be deeply personal, even if you write about a professional situation.  I hope you’ll consider sharing your story.  I find that when I hear about how other people were influenced is not only intriguing, it is often a way to help others learn valuable lessons.

Won’t you join me?  Email your post submissions to me at TrishM89@gmail.com.  And, if you don’t have your own blog, here’s your chance to contribute!  I’d love to have stories from blogger and non-bloggers.  Spread the word!  Tell your colleagues and your friends.

*Deadline for submissions is 11/22/10

HR Carnival: Social Media Edition

Welcome to this special edition of the HR Carnival.  This edition is dedicated to examples of how you are incorporating social media and new tools into your work.  The idea for this carnival was one take away from HRevolution.  Many of the discussions revolved around the need to showcase how we’re using social media in our day-to-day jobs so that we can spread the word to more mainstream HR pros and recruiters.  This carnival is only the tip of the iceberg and can be a resource of people you can use as examples as you think of ways to incorporate new ways of communicating into your organizational strategy.

I want to start off this carnival with a post from Kevin Grossman of the HR Marketer blog because his post sets the tone.  Kevin shares with us the secret of keeping it real with ‘Don’t Over-think Your Social Media Efforts.  Keep It Simple, Real, and Human.’

Steve Browne, a HR practitioner from Cincinnati shares his case study from LaRosa, a pizzeria who is embracing new tools to communicate with customers.  He challenges you in his post, Are You Old Fashioned ?, a look at how you can bring your company into the future of marketing.

Lyn Hoyt of Fusion Frames shares her case study of how her business took marketing online with the use of social media tools.  It’s a good example of the process a company can use to make the transition.  Check out her post Our Slow Move Online and Discovery of Social Media.

What do you do when your organization is living in the Stone Age and  is resistant to adding in social media to the communication strategy?  Check out Ben Eubanks’ entry ‘That Social Media Thing‘ to find out.

Bill Boorman cuts through the clutter of fighting the use of social media terminology with Stop the Social Recruiting BS.  Bill talks about focusing on the business outcomes you need and how to achieve them rather than publicizing the platforms or tools you’re using.

Gary Franklin also brings us the global flavor in this edition with his discussion about how networking through social media can bring extraordinary opportunities.  He shares his experience at The Firm, the forum for in-house recruitment managers.  Check out ‘With the Help of Social Media I Met Some Fab People‘ by Gary.

Gireesh Kumar from the Grasp e-Marketing blog shares ‘Social Media Works! Not only in Marketing but HR, customer service, word of mouth marketing, socializing….‘    His story about India’s second largest bank and how Twitter impacted an experience there is a must read.

And, to wrap it up, we have a great video presentation from Jessica Miller-Merrell.  Jessica, from Blogging4jobs.com,  recently spoke at Ignite Dallas and shares her short video with us that pokes fun at and shares information about all this “new media” craze.  Be sure to read/ watch ‘7.2 Ways to Get Fired with Social Media.‘  It’s well worth your time.

Thank you all for sharing how you are finding success incorporating news communication methods into your business and your day-to-day work.  If you’re a practitioner who uses social media in your organization, be sure to share your information or a link to your post in the comments.

Special Edition HR Carnival- Call For Posts

I’m excited to announce a special edition of the HR Carnival coming June 16th.  I will be hosting an entire carnival of posts dedicated to examples of how you are incorporating “social media” or “new media” into your work.  Whether you are in human resources, recruiting, marketing, finance, or other aspects of business, we’re interested in real case studies of people who are getting it right for their organization.  Here are some points to consider including in your post:

  • Name or type of organization
  • Employee base size or revenue
  • What do you do for the organization
  • What new media tools or platforms are you using
  • What problem are you addressing or solving with social media
  • Is there a cost savings
  • What were some of the obstacles, if any
  • How did you handle obstacles or opposition
  • What is the current state and any outcomes you produced

Those are just food for thought to get you started.  The reason I want to do this carnival is that one take away from HRevolution is that we need to begin using social media in our day-to-day jobs so that we can spread the word to more mainstream HR pros and recruiters.  There are many benefits and if we have a pool of great case studies to draw from, it will make all our jobs easier.

So, send your post to me by next Monday, June 14th.  E-mail them to me at TrishaM89@gmail.com.

Compassion As A HR Skill? (The HR Hangover Follow Up)

When I heard that Mark Bennett at TalentedApps planned to host the March 3rd HR Carnival I was excited.  When I heard it was going to have a HR Hangover theme, I was even happier because I had just written a post on that very topic.  But, Mark was kind enough to link to that post in his call for contributions, so I knew I needed to write something new for him.

I had such fun writing the scenerio in my original ‘HR Hangover’ post, so be sure to check it out (and the comments from readers) if you haven’t yet.  And, while I’m certain all those things would not be presented to a HR manager all at once, it is certainly conceivable that they could all occur within a week.  It just proves the diversity of situations a HR generalist needs to be prepared for.  Some of the key skills needed to be successful in HR are:

  • ability to quickly and accurately assess a situation
  • ability to prioritize for maximum effectiveness
  • having a clear understanding of employment laws and regulations
  • ability to apply the knowledge in a sincere and compassionate way

Now, I’m sure there are people who will disagree with my thinking that sincerity and compassion are key skills or abilities that lead to success in HR.  They may be right.  But, I would argue that having those characteristics gives the HR pro the opportunity to be more successful in HR because it encourages employees and leaders to build a stronger relationship with you.

What do you think?  If you work in HR, do you incorporate compassion into your interaction with leaders and employees?  If you’re an employee, do you value a HR pro who treats you with compassion?  Tell me in the comments.

Big Day! Fistful of Talent Power Rankings & HR Carnival

Today, I want to point you in two different directions.  Sometimes there are other bloggers who just have info that is far more interesting than what I alone can create.  Today is one of those days.

First up, Fistful of Talent.  As I’ve mentioned before, this is my personal favorite HR blog.  I love reading posts from multiple contributors on many different leadership and business topics.  Not just HR.  Today, they have posted their Talent Management Blog power rankings.  I’m thrilled and honored to be included.  WHY?  Because when peers recognize you for what you do, it is just an honor.  This one means a LOT to me.  Thank you FOT team!

Please check out their post today to see what blogs they are reading and find some new ones to follow yourself.

It’s also HR Carnival time again and Steve Boese has pulled together a fun sports edition of the HR carnival.  Be sure to check out his blog for all the great contributions.

Some of my favorites that are “must reads” this time are:

  • Naomi Bloom’s post ‘Reflections of a Digital Immigrant Gone Semi-Native‘.  This post inspired me to write my own plan and I hope it will inspire you if you haven’t checked it out.
  • Lisa Rosendahl asks us ‘Have You Checked Your Credibility‘?  I didn’t know this was going to be part of the carnival and I just read the post earlier today.  Lisa does a great job of challenging us to reflect on our own credibility and how it affects decision-making.

Why the HR Carnival is Valuable for You

It’s HR Carnival time again.  Lisa Rosendahl really outdid herself and you need to check it out here.  But, before you do, I want to tell you something about the carnival.

First, the amount of hours that a host puts into pulling all the posts together, reading them all, deciding how to put them together in a cohesive manner, and then link to each one is a great deal of time.

Second, the reason the carnival is valuable is that not only does it consolidate many great posts in one place, it also helps you easily find a new blogger or two to follow.  I have a GoogleReader choc full of great blogs, but it never fails that each time the carnival comes out, I find another blog or two to follow.  This time for me it is:

So, get over to Lisa’s blog and read it for yourself!