Stop Aligning Yourself With the Wrong People

bad-friends*From the dusty archives…

Growing up, my parents steered me away from friends who had undesirable behavior.  Now that I’m a mom, I find myself doing the same thing with my children. Why?  Today’s lesson is a simple one…  you are the company you keep.

  • If you surround yourself with people of good reputation, you will be viewed positively.
  • If you associate with accomplished professionals, you will pick up on what makes them successful.
  • If you affiliate with people who have good values, you will be perceived in the same light.

It frustrates me to see people who surround themselves with people of questionable character.  If you align yourself with people who are arrogant, rude, negative, unmotivated, or who lack a moral compass, you will be perceived similarly.  That is a FACT. 

So, take a good look in the mirror today.  Then, take a look at your contacts online and in your day-to-day life.  If there are people of questionable character, now is your chance to unfollow, unfriend, or dis-associate from them.   You don’t have to associate with negativity.  After all, you ARE the company you keep.  What do you think?

When Writing Speaks To You

On this gorgeous Sunday, after spending quality time with my family, I find myself staring through the woods behind my house.  The creek that usually trickles by is swollen and full from all the rain.  The way it bubbles and sings is so soothing I long for a nap.  Instead, I use the time to catch up on reading.

Quite often when I write something, people reach out to tell me that I must have been writing about them.  I smile each time because it is rare that I write about a specific person.  I believe that if I write about myself or general observations I make, it will resonate with the reader in a way that they believe it is written about them.  Similarly, I find that some of the most personal writing by others is what speaks to me.  Today has been no exception.

What Are Your Fears When No One Is Looking?

The first piece I’d like to share is by Jason Seiden.  Jason is an author, professional speaker and CEO of Ajax Social Media Consulting.  He wrote The Reality of Authenticity which is a post I know he wrote for me.  Actually, I’m sure he didn’t, but it touched a nerve with me.  Have you ever had sleepless nights where you question yourself about your family, your career, your beliefs or your physical well being?  We don’t like to expose those moments to even our closest confidants, but we all have them.  Jason’s take on the value of recognizing these feelings is well worth your reading time.

The Importance of Friendship In Your Life

The second article that touched me today is by someone who I love and respect.  Lisa Rosendahl; mommy, wife, HR leader, veteran, and friend extraordinaire, shares her take on the importance of spending time with your friends.  As a mother myself, I can attest to not leaving much time for myself or my interests.  I do realize that in order to be the best parent that I need to do small things to rejuvenate myself and Lisa’s post gets to the heart of that.  Spend a moment today reading Girl Friends: A Day In The Life Sunday. 

What have you been reading that touched you?  Share with me in the comments.