Stop Aligning Yourself With the Wrong People

bad-friends*From the dusty archives…

Growing up, my parents steered me away from friends who had undesirable behavior.  Now that I’m a mom, I find myself doing the same thing with my children. Why?  Today’s lesson is a simple one…  you are the company you keep.

  • If you surround yourself with people of good reputation, you will be viewed positively.
  • If you associate with accomplished professionals, you will pick up on what makes them successful.
  • If you affiliate with people who have good values, you will be perceived in the same light.

It frustrates me to see people who surround themselves with people of questionable character.  If you align yourself with people who are arrogant, rude, negative, unmotivated, or who lack a moral compass, you will be perceived similarly.  That is a FACT. 

So, take a good look in the mirror today.  Then, take a look at your contacts online and in your day-to-day life.  If there are people of questionable character, now is your chance to unfollow, unfriend, or dis-associate from them.   You don’t have to associate with negativity.  After all, you ARE the company you keep.  What do you think?

Who Cares That You’re Sick?

Warning, whiny post ahead-

Well, maybe not a whiny post, but not one that will blow you away if you’re looking for leadership advice of ideas of how to be an innovator.  No, today I’m battling a head cold that I think is actually a sinus infection.  Don’t feel sorry for me though because I’m fairly certain that I got it on an airplane and made it worse by standing outside last Sunday in a cold rain as I watched my son’s football team win the Superbowl in his age division.  Go Little Panthers!

Feeling bad and getting up early to write do not mix for me, so yesterday I posted on FaceBook that I was too sick to write my blog post.  Many people responded sending me “feel better” wishes.  It certainly made me feel better to know that my friends cared.  The last comment came from my friend Debbie Brown.  She suggested I look at the list of people who responded and cared and write about whether or not I was friends with or knew any of these people five years ago.   Great idea!

As I looked over the list of my caregivers and well-wishers, I was shocked to see that I did not know ANY of these people five years ago.  Two people I met through my kids’ athletic teams and the other nine were all people I met on Twitter that I later met in person.  UNBELIEVABLE!  And’ while I’ve known most of them just shy of five years, I was completely caught off guard that social media has impacted my life in such a positive way.  These people are real friends, not just some followers on Twitter.

So, a special thank you to John Jorgerson, Joan Ginsberg, Jay Kuhns, Franny Oxford, Jenny Payne, Mervyn Dinnen, Mike VanDervort, Gail Dluhy, Judy Mack and Debbie Brown for being my friends.  Thank you for caring about me and for sharing it on FaceBook.  

It’s better than chicken-noodle-soup!

We Are The Waltons

I spent most of my Labor Day with windows thrown wide open, sun and breeze streaming in on all the nooks and crannies that have been cooped up in the hot St. Louis summer.  We spent most of the weekend enjoying playtime at Entre Underground with Dwane Lay, RJ Morris and friends as well as with family at St. Louis’ largest ethnic festival, the Greek Festival at St. Nicholas.  Clearly all I did was eat phenomenal food so, when Monday rolled around, I was ready for painting my laundry room and tidying up in the back yard.

After working most of the day, I grabbed a tall glass of iced tea and sank into the couch for a little television.  Flipping through, I came across The Waltons.  Sure, people may poke fun at shows that are a little sappy and that always have a moral, or two, but I still like them.  The nice thing about a seventies iconic show like The Waltons is that even though it was made more than thirty years ago and supposedly took place during the Depression years, it still has lessons that apply today.

The wealth of characters in the show who have debt problems, moral dilemnas, trouble finding or keeping a job, weddings, funerals and everything in between are really like all of us.   It’s nice to have a reminder every now and again that we’re all not that special.  We may have technology and larger mortgage payments but our problems are all rooted in pure human nature and most situations can be resolved with good communication.

That’s my take away from today….to start the week with communication in mind.  How about you?  Any good thoughts for the start of a short week?

Everyone Has Something

photo credit: J Bright

Writing as a form of expression helps people heal.  It can bring you closer to someone you know and  it can help you realize that things you experience are often experienced by others.  I find that through writing and sharing with you, I heal.  I recently read a blog post by Jason Seiden that said, “everyone has something….”.  That something is something difficult they are dealing with.  It could be a work issue, a health issue or even a death.

I have several close friends who have recently had to face the loss of a loved one or dear friend.  To them, I send my condolences and my offer of prayers.  By focusing on the positive impact they have had on us, we can go on.  I too have lost a loved one in the last week.  My aunt, Ruth Schlater Sterling.  She left us far too early.  Aunt Ruth was a tough, no-nonsense woman.  She taught me how to care for animals, how to appreciate antiques and maybe most importantly… to shave my legs!  I’ll never forget her.

In the grand scheme of things, only our personal relationships are important.  

If you have lost a loved one or just want to publicly show appreciation for someone, please feel free to do that in the comments today.  I’d love to hear about the people that are special to you.