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Key Ways to Train Your Team on Zero Budget

Using creativity to train your team.

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12 Minutes: Learn Social or Business During Your Drive Time

That’s when I realized that there are many people who still don’t purchase their radio experience. They listen to local radio. These are some of the same people who argue that they don’t have time to learn social media, to read a blog, to learn a new tool or technology.

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Can You Take A Compliment?

How do you take compliments? If you’re good at it or have any tips for me on how I can get better, let me know.

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4 Ways To Achieve Growth: Messy and Painful

Whenever things are going well, you’re not being stretched. It feels great in the moment to be in control and have things fall into place. In fact, it’s that state that most people strive for. The problem is that no one ever learns from doing everything well.

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Do You Measure Up? Competing With Someone Else’s Skills

Building your work-related skills.

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An Apology Letter To Your Staff

It’s not too late to set the right tone for the new year. It will take a bit of an attitude adjustment and a conscious choice to think about the “work” you put in front of the team each day. The good news is that you can turn this around and get the team on track to have even better performance than last year. It can also help you with your retention efforts.

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Glory Days: Relive Accomplishments

The most important part of the performance evaluation is giving that employee the ability to relive the glory of their accomplishments.

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How To Train Your Team On Zero Budget

If employees are not offered continuing development, they will not:

feel valued
be able to provide creative, innovative results
grow their skills so they can progress to the next level in the organization

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