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Data Driven HR- HR Happy Hour #179

Data is increasingly the ‘must have’ resource for HR leaders. It can allow the leveraging of that data and the related insights on pay, turnover, and job movement from a wide swath of industries and millions of data points in order to give organizations a better understanding of how their workforce trends stack up to their peers. It also means using data and decision support tools to ensure the organization is making the right decisions and remaining compliant with complex ACA requirements.

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Equifax Workforce Solutions: Data Creating More Business Options

Check out the latest #HRHappyhour for our interview with Dann Adams of #Equifax Workforce Solutions.

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Setting The Tone: When The Right Keynote Makes A Difference

My biggest take away was around visioning. Sue explained how she found success in business, in climbing, and in her relationship with her husband by envisioning herself as a success.

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