Data Driven HR- HR Happy Hour #179

Recorded Tuesday, April 1, 2014  (Live from Equifax Workforce Solutions Forum 2014)

Hosts: Steve BoeseTrish McFarlane

Guests: Dann Adams, President, Equifax Workforce Solutions and Mike Psenka, Senior Vice President Workforce Analytics, Equifax Workforce Solutions

Last week Steve and I were able to attend Equifax Workforce Solutions Annual User Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. We sat down with Dann Adams and Mike Psenka to talk about some of the ways that more advanced capability and increased availability of data and analytics are changing the way HR gets done, and increasing the opportunities for HR to contribute significant business value.

Data is increasingly the ‘must have’ resource for HR leaders. It can allow the leveraging of that data and the related insights on pay, turnover, and job movement from a wide swath of industries and millions of data points in order to give organizations a better understanding of how their workforce trends stack up to their peers. It also means using data and decision support tools to ensure the organization is making the right decisions and remaining compliant with complex ACA requirements.

Equifax Workforce Solutions through their technology solutions, extensive and robust data set from which to derive insights, and the domain experience of their team are at the forefront of delivering on the promise and potential that data and analytics offer to HR leaders and organizations. On the show, Dann and Mike share a few examples and share their insights as to how HR organizations can get the most value from these data driven approaches.

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Equifax Workforce Solutions: Data Creating More Business Options

EquifaxLogo_320x125I attended the Equifax Forum 2013 in lovely, sunny Tampa last week.  This is my second time as an attendee and I am grateful for being able to wear not only an analyst hat, but that of a customer.

If you are not familiar specifically with Equifax workforce solutions, I steer you to their site as well as to the HR Happy Hour show.   Steve Boese and I had the opportunity to interview Dann Adams, President of  Equifax Workforce Solutions.  Dann shared insight on how they are creatively using data, with consumer consent, to help companies create creative ways to enhance credit benefits for their employees.

Be sure to check it out and share the show link.

*Thank you to Equifax for hosting me at the event.  

Setting The Tone: When The Right Keynote Makes A Difference

We’ve all been to conferences where you walk away from an opening keynote session wondering what the connection is.  I’ve seen magicians and jugglers.  I’ve heard various celebrities and politicians.  While they are often entertaining, it’s challenging to find the business connection and why their discussion is relevant to the workplace or the theme of the event.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of listening to a keynote that stood out from the rest.  I attended the TALX Client Forum in St. Louis.  The event was kicked off by TALX President Dann Adams.  Dann was at ease in front of the large crowd.  He opened with humor and proceeded to describe why the theme Explore & Discover is relevant to some of the exciting changes going on at TALX.  As part of Equifax, TALX is using transparency around access to credit combined with their wealth of data around unemployment claims, I-9’s and employment verification to change the way HR professionals use analytics.

TALX launched Elements, workforce information solutions that allow HR professionals and executives to see data in a way that lets them drill down to where the problems lie.  It includes visual representation of the data which is helpful because people learn 17 times faster from interpreting pictures rather than just raw data.  Dann’s conversational style captured the room as he was able to easily describe how this journey has been one of exploring new strategic approaches and allowed them to discover new ways to work with clients to communicate people-related data.

With that, Dann transitioned to Susan Ershler, a twenty year veteran of sales in the telecommunications industry with ten of those years spent directing teams in Fortune 500 sales situations, Sue has her “business chops”.  She is also an accomplished mountain climber and was part of the first couple to climb all seven summits in the world.

Sue captivated the audience with her passion about climbing and she easily transitioned stories of her experiences to relevant examples of how those same lessons learned apply directly to our roles in the business world.  The connections she made around leading and guiding others, being a strong leader and mentor in times of trouble, and how to handle the feeling of failure when you or your team fall short of a goal even though you may have surpassed all prior performance were impactful.  I could relate to many of her stories and found myself inspired to either keep pushing myself.

My biggest take away was around visioning.  Sue explained how she found success in business, in climbing, and in her relationship with her husband by envisioning herself as a success.  She saw herself breaking all company sales records, she saw herself at the top of the summit and she saw herself having a happy, fulfilled marriage even though she and her husband experienced obstacles as many couples do.

Key messages from Sue:

  • Surround yourself with people who won’t let you quit
  • Push through the pain, pain is temporary
  • Teams outperform individuals every time
  • Project your future and focus on the vision- vision drives activity

I hope that future keynotes I hear are as relevant and inspirational.  Thank you to Dann Adams and the entire team at TALX for giving me clarity on how to motivate my team and remain focused on my vision in my organization.