Oh my! Grab it! Grab the rope!

What is she doing?  She is screwing it up. Grab the rope Dr.!


She missed it.  Breathe.  Stop spinning.

astronaut-wallpaperDid you guess I watched Gravity recently?  Well, I did.  The first five or ten minutes went fine, then my son and I started yelling at the television.  About thirty minutes later we realized that we were both sitting on the edge of the couch, totally sucked in to this story.  The remainder of the movie was a roller coaster of ups and downs that kept our heart rates slightly elevated and our breathing irregular.  By the end, we were exhausted in a good way.

I would love work to be like that.  Wouldn’t you?

Sometimes work can become so mundane, so routine, that we just float through the days without much thought or concern for what we’re doing.  We need to find ways to disrupt this pattern and whether that means finding a new type of role, taking on a new project, switching teams, or just changing the way you drive to work, it’s worth considering.

What if at least once a day you had a moment at work that made your heart race because the work was so exciting?

I have that now but it took making a career change to get it.

What about you?  What makes your heart race at work?  Tell me in the comments.