Friday Fun: Upward Feedback

It’s Friday!  (cheers and applause heard throughout the office)



Since it’s Friday, let’s have a bit of fun.  A couple months ago, Tim Sackett over at FOT wrote a great post about giving Twitter-style performance review feedback in 140 characters.  I would like to see what that would look like if we were giving upward feedback to our managers in 140 characters.  Here’s what it might look like:

Type-A Personality Supervisor– Drives full speed ahead on company mission, brings some along & runs over others, precise communicator, sets challenging climate, decisive

The Nurturing Supervisor– Patiently listens to staff concerns, always has time for employees, rarely confronts issues head on, wishy-washy at times, covers for staff

So, here’s your Friday fun challenge:  Use the comment section to write upward feedback in 140 characters or less  for a boss.

It can be for a current boss or a boss from a former job.  If you don’t want to get that specific, tell us you’re doing it for an “imaginary” boss.  It could be for the worst boss you’ve ever had, or the one who was the best person you’ve ever worked for.  OR you can go a whole different direction and give upward feedback to Santa Claus because that would be fun too.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

6 Replies to “Friday Fun: Upward Feedback”

  1. Trish-
    I’m sure glad you’ve decided 2 share your energy, passion, and enthusiasm with the rest of us. We’ll talk about your pay in our next review.

    140 characters, not counting the salutation ;<) Cheers, and enjoy London! One of my favorite cities. I worked there in 2006, still have the UK work visa pasted into my passport.

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