No thoughts of grandeur this morning.  Just a simple reminder.


I had dinner last night with four HR professionals I met via social media.  We laughed, we talked shop, we talked about our families.  It was nice to connect in real life.  For all the good that social media can do, remember to reach out and connect in person too.  It was worth more than 1,000 tweets I could have exchanged with this group of friends.

Happy Wednesday!

4 Replies to “Connect”

  1. Outstanding post. We need to make sure more people understand this. The ultimate tool in social media is a handshake.

    Can’t believe with that group there was any laughter. Or more likely, time to talk shop with all the laughter.

  2. I just hope that all the texting and such the kids are doing doesn’t eliminate the need for social skills.

    Spot on as always, Trish!!!

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