Big Trends in HR and Recruiting: Thinking Outside the (In)Box


Florida?  August?  That can only mean one thing…

HR Florida!

As in past years, this conference does not disappoint.  From  the most well-oiled executive committee to the venue to the content, this is one not to miss.  This year, I was back with my HR Happy Hour co-host, Steve Boese, for our session Thinking Outside the (In) Box- Big Trends in HR and Recruiting.

I must admit, there is little else professionally that energizes me the way speaking to a packed room does.  No butterflies for me…just a desire to connect with professionals to share and learn.  There is also that great feeling I have when I look out over the audience and see many faces of the friends I’ve made through Twitter.  When you have really smart pros there to support what you’re doing, it’s a great feeling.

We talked about three (of the many) trends that impact HR now: big data, mobile and the cloud.  Our goal was to bring a high-level view of the technology and why it’s meaningful to the HR and recruiting pros in the trenches.  We also wanted to give tangible examples of what leaders can do now to start down the path.

Be sure to check out, and share, our presentation.  We’d also love any comments from you on what your organization finds successful when it comes to trends in HR and recruiting technology.


Thinking Outside the (In)Box

Shout out to  Joyce Chastain (HR Florida State Council Predisent) and the whole HR Florida team for inviting us to speak.  We had a wonderful time and hope our session led to learning for the attendees.

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