I watched ‘Michael Jackson: This Is It’ on the flight back home from London.  Beyond being an incredibly entertaining movie, one that showed that Michael was certainly still on top of his game from a singing/ dancing/ performing perspective, something struck me when I watched.  Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, seventeen time Grammy winner, still practices, and practices, and practices.  Even though he’s been doing his job over 45 years.

Are you doing that in your job?  Can you really say that you practice and actively work on your skills to ensure that your job “performance” is as good as it can possibly be?
When you watch him, he has to be able to feel what needs to be done.  He also takes songs that are 25 years old and reinvents the performance.  Michael has directors, choreographers, singing coaches, and producers all telling him what he can do to get better.  He misses cues, he pushes back, he is told that he needs to sing certain parts of songs differently.   And in order to have a successful performance, HE ACCEPTS THE FEEDBACK and ADAPTS.

Now, here we sit in our jobs, pushing back.  We don’t like having a supervisor or coach telling us we don’t do something the way they think will work best.  We don’t really  want someone coaching us to do better.  After several years in our job, we think we’ve mastered it.  At least, many employees do.
The older I get and the more seasoned in my career, the more I know without a doubt that I have much more to learn.  Different laws, techniques, technologies.  I have so much more to give back in my “performance” if I adapt and do it this way.  And, I can certainly take knowledge I already have and reinvent it for the present situation.  I’m rehearsing every day.
So, it’s SHOWTIME!  What are you going to do?  Tell me in the comments.