You’ve all heard the expression “take one for the team”.   I believe in that and think it’s important to be willing to stand up and do something for the benefit of your team or your employer. But, can it be taken too far?

Friday night during the Captials vs. Canadiens game, Eric Belanger, center for the Capitals lost numerous teeth when he was hit in the mouth with a stick.  A Canadiens player, Marc-Andre Bergeron, hit him during the first period of  playoff game #5.  Belanger took some time off the ice to have some emergency dental work done on the sidelines, then made it back in the game by the third period.

I don’t know if he should be applauded for putting his own pain aside in order to come back to help his team.  Or, if he is just plain stupid to risk his health like that.

What do you think? Does he have employer and team loyalty?  Is his choice something that should be applauded?  Should his employer (via the coach) have pulled him from the game once he was injured?