Make Time For Fun: How To Avoid Work Burnout

question-mark-b8c0c7This isn’t about the top 8 ways you can inject fun into your workday.  It’s not a piece on how to be more friendly at work.  No, today is a day to remind you, and myself, that it is important to completely disconnect from work from time to time.

You know how it is, there are weeks and months at work where there is so much to do that you spend all your “free” time thinking about how to accomplish more with less.  If you’re like me, I say no to as many invitations as I say yes to, all because I think I can use a few more hours getting work done.

The problem is that if you keep that pace for very long, you get burned out.

Now that you’ve made it through almost all winter of really being dug-in and focused, remember that it’s positive and needed to take a break.

Schedule it.

Call your friends.

Don’t break this appointment with yourself.

As for me, I take my own advice.  It’s Friday and I will make sure to completely disconnect this weekend and spend time with my kids.  How about you?  What’s on your agenda this weekend?