Starting Your New Year Right With A Theme

The beginning of a new year for me means one thing- The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.  For as long as I can remember,my annual ritual has been to watch the parade on television.  Several years ago I added the social element to watching when I began watching with Brenda Le (@Le_Brenda) and Dwane Lay (@dwanelay) and “live tweeting”.  What better way to connect with friends than an event I hold so dear.

One thing that always intrigues me is the theme.  Each year, a different theme is selected and the floats all have to depict and represent that theme using natural materials such as roses, flowers, seeds, fruit and bark.  They are also typically high-tech and computer animated which adds to the fun.

From 1976 and “America, Let’s Celebrate!“, 1992’s “Voyages of Discovery“, 2007’s “Our Good Nature” to last year’s “Building Dreams, Friendship and Memories“, I can always relate the selected theme to something I’d like to do or think about in the coming year.  2012 will be no different because the theme is “Just Imagine…”

To think of 2012 as a year where we can just imagine may sound to Pollyanna for many.  For me, I like the idea of pushing myself in the coming year by working toward things that I have only imagined in the past.  I want to bring a positive outlook to the new year in order to inspire myself and others.  I want to strive to do more, be more, imagine more.

So, Happy New Year to you.  I hope this is a year filled with you accomplishing what you have only been imagining.  If you’re a fan of the parade, be sure to join Brenda, Dwane and I on Twitter using the tag #TRP12.


2 Replies to “Starting Your New Year Right With A Theme”

  1. Trish, thanks for the spark of inspiration! While maybe the word “imagine” seem open ended and idealistic. I see a theme as a way to visualize the goal. Imagination feeds curiosity. Thanks for keeping my imagination moving. (I always liked that kid’s show “Imagination Movers”. Wonder if anyone ever live tweeted it?)

  2. @Lyn- I love your line that “imagination feeds curiosity”. There are so many things I’m curious about in life and you’ve given me a new perspective. As for live tweeting Imagination Movers, I’ll leave that to you! lol

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