How To Make A Difference This Thanksgiving: Canstruction

What are you thinking about today?

Special shout out to my CT wearing friends: Laurie, Steve, John & Dr. Dan

I bet your thoughts are like mine, wandering around mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted turkey and strange salads made by grandmas who like to combine jello with fruit and vegetables.  You may also be thinking of all the things you are thankful for; your family, having a roof over your head and abundant food on your table, a job to help you provide necessities and some  niceties.  But, Thanksgiving is also a time to think about others in need.

On my recent trip to the Big Apple, my friend Vadim Liberman told me that I must see Canstruction.  He explained that teams designed sculptures out of cans of food in an effort to support local food banks.  Being in the city for just a few days and already having a fairly packed schedule, I was unsure if I could get away for even a short time to see the exhibit.  On my last day in the city, I had a window of one hour open, so I walked the short block over to the exhibit.  It turned out to be a highlight of the trip!

Canstruction is a non-profit organization that holds contests around the world in order to raise food, and money, for local food banks.  They also hope to bring awareness to the fight against hunger.  As  I walked among the many entries, I was impressed at both the skill and creativity that combined to make some amazing sculptures.  The amount of time and effort that people put into raising awareness to prevent their fellow man from going hungry was inspiring.  I immediately wanted to do my part to help the cause. 

As you prepare for that great meal on Thanksgiving, please consider all the people who will be visiting their local food bank this year in order to feed their family.  I just donated and it is so easy to help a family in need.  Click HERE to donate and help fight hunger.  And, check their events page to find out when Canstruction will be coming to your city.

Special thanks to Vadim for telling me about the event and for all his socially-conscious ways.  I love that about you Vadim!

Happy Thanksgiving!