During a particularly lively lunch discussion with some colleagues, we jumped head first into the topic of email you’ve sent that you immediately wished you hadn’t.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation:

  • You receive an email that went to a large distribution list and you accidently hit “reply all” on a sarcastic response you meant to fire off just to your closest work friend
  • You are complaining about a specific employee to another person and accidently send the complaint to the employee you were talking about
  • You forward something that you’ve not read thoroughly and it has some information that others could find offensive

The list can go on and on.  Regardless of the mistake, the moment you send the email you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and try to quickly retract the email.  And, note to self, that RARELY works.

So let’s have some fun today- share a story about a time you sent something out via email that you wished you could take back.  Go ahead….we won’t tell!