Managing Through “Unsettled” Feelings

Do you ever have those weeks where you just feel unsettled? Not that anything has happened or changed, but just having a feeling like something isn’t quite right?

I had one of those this week.  Maybe it’s the working from home two days due to the snow that threw my mojo off, maybe it’s the challenge of raising two 7 year olds and having a few moments of bad behavior to deal with.  I don’t know.  Overall it was a good week…..but something feels out of place…

When I start feeling this way, I long for simpler times.  I find myself going back to what used to comfort me and invest my time there.  For me, it’s art.  I may draw, or paint. I may work on my kids’ scrapbooks.  I may play the piano for an hour.  At any rate, expressing my creativity usually puts this ship back on course.

How about you?  What do you do when you feel off track or unsettled?  Share with me….I can always use new ideas….

8 Replies to “Managing Through “Unsettled” Feelings”

  1. This post really hit me because I’ve been feeling this way for a couple of weeks. I can’t put my finger on it, but something is nagging at me.

    When I get that kind of feeling, I make a list of a few undesirable things I need to get done and then I do them. I don’t know if checking off a task removes a burden or if just accomplishing something makes me feel better, but it certainly helps.

  2. I have done several different things during an “unsettled” feeling:

    1) wrote an LP’s-worth of song material

    2) Cleaned a garage that needed it (and trust me, it NEEDED it)

    3) Came up with the re-invention of my business plan

    4) Cleared out the junk that was cluttering my life

    For me, an “unsettled” feeling was merely a barrage of tasks that needed to be completed; before that point, I was unmotivated and my thought process was unclear.

  3. @Mike- I love the movie idea. I took your advice and watched one I had always wanted to see but never had….the Hanoi Hilton. Meaty stuff. I was totally expressed in it and loved the movie. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. @Kathi- I’m a list-maker myself although I haven’t taken this approach. You know, I think I’m going to try it in my day-to-day and always try to get the dreaded tasks done first. Thanks!

  5. @Doug- First, glad to see you back here! I’ve looked for you a bit online and no signs. Hope you’re doing great. I love all your suggestions of what can be done when unsettled. You really sum it up…. by taking care of the unsettled things you get clarity! Thanks 🙂

  6. Winter, for me, is a prime time to feel unsettled. Reading gets me back on track, but if that doesn’t work and it is really bad I have to take a road trip or travel out of town.

    The best advice my Mom said she ever received is to be creative on something every day.

  7. @Michelle- A road trip would be a great way to kick those unsettled feelings. I think mine was being cooped up in the house during the snow days we had. So a trip would have solved it. Thanks for commenting!

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