Carnival of HR: Turning Points

I take the Carnival of HR pretty seriously.  I remember the first time I was asked to participate and as a new blogger, it was an honor.  There are carnivals that are serious and ones that are funny, ones that have no theme, and those that pick posts apart.  All in all, the best thing about the Carnival of HR is that there is something for everyone.  I hope that this edition has everything for everyone.  As we head into a holiday season and a time of reflection and thankfulness, I wanted to hear about moments that were turning points in peoples lives.  Earlier this week, I shared my moment that changed my path in A Road Less Twisted.

I then threw out a very personal challenge to any writer who wanted to participate in this edition.  They were asked to tell a story of a life changing moment and to let us inside an event that altered their path.  So, without further ado, I give you……

Robin Schooling-  Believe In Yourself A special look at how a grandfather was able to reach  through to a teenager when others failed.

Stephen Harrison- Equilibrium A look at two years of changes and how one man overcame them.

Joe Gerstandt- Turning Points and Lessons Learned Military service lessons not only benefit our country, they benefit the individual.

Ben Eubanks- Jobs in Human Resources Management (My HR Career #3)  Sometimes you have to really know what you want in order to make the right opportunity come to you.  Learn about Ben’s new job.  Congrats Ben!

Jennifer V. Miller- Know When to Get Off the Bus Living on a wing and a prayer for three months in Mexico.

Michael Haberman- Defining Moments: A Personal Story What happens when you’re on a rocket ship ride that is going nowhere?  Find out what Mike did.

Shauna Moerke- It’s All About Chemistry How a change in college coursework can set you on a path to success!

Michelle Berg- The HR Nightmare The call every HR professional dreads turns out to be a guide to a more honest career.

Doug Rogers- Cosmetology, Bad Relationships, and Grunge Bands? A chance meeting can lead to great things or having the life sucked out of you like a vampire.  Read this to find out which.

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  1. Bravo Trish, and Happy Thanksgiving to you Thank you for having all these inspiring stories in one place-

  2. Where do I begin? Everybody’s post (aside from mine) were pretty inspiring. I am truly honoured to be included with these great writers.

    Thanks for letting me tell my story.

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