HR HappyHour Show- Live From Gettysburg

Have you always wanted to hear real military experts discuss how some of the leadership lessons apply to the corporate world?  Well, now is your chance to do just that.

Steve Boese, co-host of the HR Happy Hour radio show on Blogtalk radio, hosted last Thursday’s show live from Gettysburg, PA.  I was thrilled to be acting as his producer on this episode since we were both in Gettysburg to cover The Conference Board’s “Leadership Experience at Gettysburg.”  Steve spent time interviewing Colonel Cole Kingseed (ret.), Jeff Jackson (The Conference Board), Goddard Richardson (Fannie Mae), and David Learmond (The Conference Board).  There was some fascinating discussion around how organizational leaders can adapt to chaotic situations.

Whether you’re at #SHRM10 this week or you just missed the episode, I encourage you to check it out.  It’s available for replay on BlogTalk Radio or for download on iTunes.  Click HERE to listen.

3 Replies to “HR HappyHour Show- Live From Gettysburg”

  1. Thanks Trish for posting about the show – it really was a fun show to do and to introduce so many of the attendees to the show and to some of the ideas about social media in general (pardon the military pun). But I do encourage folks out there to give a listen to Jeff and Colonel Kingseed as well as the two or three other leaders that dropped by the show.

  2. @Steve- You’re welcome. I thought this was one of the best shows you’ve done. You really made the guests feel comfortable in a medium they had never used. You also got some great stories from the Colonel. Great job!

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