HR Carnival: Social Media Edition

Welcome to this special edition of the HR Carnival.  This edition is dedicated to examples of how you are incorporating social media and new tools into your work.  The idea for this carnival was one take away from HRevolution.  Many of the discussions revolved around the need to showcase how we’re using social media in our day-to-day jobs so that we can spread the word to more mainstream HR pros and recruiters.  This carnival is only the tip of the iceberg and can be a resource of people you can use as examples as you think of ways to incorporate new ways of communicating into your organizational strategy.

I want to start off this carnival with a post from Kevin Grossman of the HR Marketer blog because his post sets the tone.  Kevin shares with us the secret of keeping it real with ‘Don’t Over-think Your Social Media Efforts.  Keep It Simple, Real, and Human.’

Steve Browne, a HR practitioner from Cincinnati shares his case study from LaRosa, a pizzeria who is embracing new tools to communicate with customers.  He challenges you in his post, Are You Old Fashioned ?, a look at how you can bring your company into the future of marketing.

Lyn Hoyt of Fusion Frames shares her case study of how her business took marketing online with the use of social media tools.  It’s a good example of the process a company can use to make the transition.  Check out her post Our Slow Move Online and Discovery of Social Media.

What do you do when your organization is living in the Stone Age and  is resistant to adding in social media to the communication strategy?  Check out Ben Eubanks’ entry ‘That Social Media Thing‘ to find out.

Bill Boorman cuts through the clutter of fighting the use of social media terminology with Stop the Social Recruiting BS.  Bill talks about focusing on the business outcomes you need and how to achieve them rather than publicizing the platforms or tools you’re using.

Gary Franklin also brings us the global flavor in this edition with his discussion about how networking through social media can bring extraordinary opportunities.  He shares his experience at The Firm, the forum for in-house recruitment managers.  Check out ‘With the Help of Social Media I Met Some Fab People‘ by Gary.

Gireesh Kumar from the Grasp e-Marketing blog shares ‘Social Media Works! Not only in Marketing but HR, customer service, word of mouth marketing, socializing….‘    His story about India’s second largest bank and how Twitter impacted an experience there is a must read.

And, to wrap it up, we have a great video presentation from Jessica Miller-Merrell.  Jessica, from,  recently spoke at Ignite Dallas and shares her short video with us that pokes fun at and shares information about all this “new media” craze.  Be sure to read/ watch ‘7.2 Ways to Get Fired with Social Media.‘  It’s well worth your time.

Thank you all for sharing how you are finding success incorporating news communication methods into your business and your day-to-day work.  If you’re a practitioner who uses social media in your organization, be sure to share your information or a link to your post in the comments.

6 Replies to “HR Carnival: Social Media Edition”

  1. Great Stories Trish!

    By the way, this carnival proved really different, breaking monotony from usual HR stuff.

    Social media is really effective and HR needs to focus more on it, especially my friends in India, EMEA and Africa. America is already Good!

  2. @Kevin- Kevin, I am so glad you shared your thoughts and ideas in this carnival. I’m already getting good response on it. Thanks.

    @Drew- Thanks for sharing some additional links and resources with us.

    @Gireesh- First, thanks for contributing to this carnival. I’d be interested in hearing more insight from HR pros in India, Africa, and EMEA. Do you know of more examples of real world case studies?

    @Peter- You’re welcome. So glad you stopped by and commented.

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