You Say You Want A HRevolution?

HRevolution 22 Hours, 44 minutes….

My countdown has begun for heading to HRevolution.  By this time tomorrow, I will be on the road heading to the un-conference I’ve been thinking about since the end of June.  For those who don’t know, HRevolution was created as a way for HR bloggers, aspiring bloggers, HR pros, recruiters, and other “tweeps” from the Twitter HR community to come together to talk about the future of HR and social media.  Here are some details:

  • HRevolution is being held at the Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, KY on Saturday, November 7th
  • There are still a couple tickets left. The price was $50 but because of the generosity of several “sponsors”, one can be free to you.  Just let me know if you want to join in the fun.
  • There will be a tweetup on Friday, November 6th at the Maker’s Mark Lounge starting at 7:00 pm
  • For more details, go to the HRevolution site

You can come meet your favorite HR bloggers, learn how to blog, or just participate in some great discussion about the current state of human resources and where it may be headed.  It’s an un-conference, so the conversation will be fluid and we just don’t know what direction it might take.

So, pack your bags, jump in your car or hop on a plane, and meet me there for this great event. If you want to know why others are going and why taking charge of your own professional development is important, check out this post by Bonita Martin.  She’ll be there.  Interested in hearing why some people are sponsoring and attending?  Check out this post by Lyn Hoyt.  Want to hear why our very first sponsor, Sanera, became involved?  Check out this post by Alicia Arenas.

There are so many reasons to attend.  Stay tuned for more information about our sponsors.  In the meantime, show them some love and support by visiting their sites:


Nobscot Corporation

Xceptional HR (Blogging4Jobs)

Fustion Frames & Award Frames

The Human Race Horses

9 Replies to “You Say You Want A HRevolution?”

  1. Thanks for the plug Trish. You said it. This is about professional development and blazing a path to communicate to a broad HR audience the strategy we envision. This conference is a poster child for the impact of social networking in business. We are setting the example of social networking as tool. We are not tweeting about our breakfast anymore… well at least not at #HRevolution.

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about what’s coming out of HRevolution – especially topics like cooperation and co-creation. It’s not your grandmother’s HR, eh?!!

  3. @Marsha- Wow, we needed your tagline for the event…..”HRevolution, it’s not your grandmother’s HR, eh?” Classic. Thanks for commenting.

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